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V3D's management team is composed of highly experienced professionals coming from the mobile software industry. With years of experience, creativity and wireless technical expertise, they offer the needed guidance and perspective to maintain V3D's high standards and continuous success.

Philippe Val Grelier, CEO

Philippe Vial-Grelier PRESIDENT & CEO

Philippe has extensive experience in strategic leadership and people management. In 2000, he co-founded and was co-CEO of Swapcom.

He successfully managed different funding rounds and led the company to a leading and profitable position. He then conducted the merger of Swapcom with Sicap and became CEO of Sicap France and Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of Sicap Group.
He was previously Sales VP at Prosodie.

Philippe is member of the Board of Directors of Alinto, member of the Engagement Committee of the French incubator Créalys, and member of the Expert Advisory Board at Rhône-Alpes Gestion PME (SIPAREX Group).

Jean Marc Truong CEO &CCO

Jean-Marc Truong CEO & CCO

Jean Marc co-founded Swapcom in 2000 and spent 8 years as Co-CEO responsible for Business Development.

In addition to leading the development of direct sales and building a network of commercial partners within the Telecom industry, he set up subsidiaries in China, Africa and the Middle East. Driving International expansion enabled Swapcom to gain business in over 30 countries and created the basis for a sustainable profitability. Prior to Swapcom, he was member of the Strategic Committee at Cegid Servant Soft. Jean Marc began his career at Ernst and Young as a Financial Auditor.

Alexandre Fourey CTO

Alexandre Fourey CTO

Alexandre co-founded V3D in 2006 and served during 10 years as a system expert in leading Company such as IBM. Alexandre has acquired a strong expertise in developing optimized QoS and QoE applications on smartphones since 2006. He has been pioneer implementing the first live QoE on smartphone within SFR in France.

He is now leading V3D development team pushing ahead his knowledge and expertise to deliver the most advanced solution.

Fabrice Valois Product Director

Fabrice Valois Product Director

Since 2000, Fabrice actively participated in the development of Swapcom, Where he begins as Project Manager and then was responsible for the Development team until the merge with Sicap.

Then, he extended the scope of its responsibilities in the management of the entire line of business Communication of Sicap Group, by launching new solutions in the field of the NFC, developing partners' network, and piloting in particular the restructuring of the technical teams until 2013 when he joined V3D.