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Tunisie Telecom integrates Equal ONE software suite to validate the commercial launch of their 3G network...

EQual ONE increase quality during rollout and commercial launch

Key results

  • Proven solution: Value from 24 hours after OTA deployment
  • Ensure sustained QoS for Voice, High Speed Internet and 3G Data Services
  • Solve some national roaming issues
  • Instant visibility into QoE for subscribers and network


How can we get a real view of the quality of our 3G network before the commercial launch?

That was the challenge of Tunisie Telecom.

The marketing department decided to focus on the customer experience and to use commercial Smartphones to monitor the QoE and QoS on their 3G network.

Theyʼve selected EQual ONE, the French V3D Company solution.


Tunisia is a strong competitive telecom market. Price war between local operators is over. Tunisian citizens are well-educated and high mobile users. Thus, quality becomes more and more a key factor for Tunisian customers to select and trust a brand and mobile services. Local and new operator promises high mobile broadband services.

Becoming the 2nd mobile operator to offer a 3G network in Tunisia is a huge challenge. The mobile subscribers were disappointed with the quality promised by the previous and first 3G mobile operator. Tunisian citizens as any subscribers cannot be fooled. A bad viral marketing could affect the success of the launch of this 2nd 3G network. For that, Tunisie Telecom has to launch a high quality 3G network to get a non-negligible competitive advantage. The time to market to deploy this 3G network was really tight and the budget very limited, the operator had a big pressure to come up to customersʼ high expectations.


Tunisie Telecom performed manual tests to monitor the QoS on its 3G network without any customer opinion insights. The customersʼ perceptions are a key item for final project acceptance to guarantee the quality expected from a 3G network. In addition, as challenger, this 3G experience shall be better than the competitorsʼ one.

As the results of those manual tests were not accurate and reliable, Tunisie Telecom decided to find quickly a solution to automate these quality of service tests and customer experience feedbacks, in order to be more efficient and to get relevant statistics to improve their network before commercial launch.

The main goal of Tunisie Telecom was to make sure that its 3G network was ready, reliable and strong in terms of quality, for the commercial launch.


V3D has offered to deploy EQual ONE software solution suite on many commercial handsets of the Friendly User Testers (FUTers). The FUTers have been selected by the telecom marketing department.
EQual ONE Device Quality Agent (DQA) has been provisioned quickly through OTA to the selected smartphones.
EQual ONE application was running in background and was collecting relevant KPIs of every single voice/ data/messaging session. All KPIs were instantly sent to the EQual ONE carrier-grade platform through the HTTP gateway.

All network performance key performance indicators (KPIs) have been displayed within a powerful and user-friendly dashboard tool available with EQual ONE platform.


Tunisie Telecom decreased significantly the percentage of Quality problems (dropped sessions, failed sessions, bad quality sessions…).

The percentage of Quality Problems was around 40% at the beginning of the tests and reached less than 8% within one month.

Thanks to the results, Tunisie Telecom solved some national roaming issues by processing with good technical support adjustments.

Moreover, Tunisie Telecom is still using EQual ONE solution to benchmark the quality of its own network against competition… because Quality really matters now!