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Overview | Device Quality Agent | Server Features
EQual ONE server monitors mobile networks KPI

Server Features

Take control of your quality of service, monitor and manage your customers' experience

EQual ONE Server has been designed to be part of the SQM approach introducing the Customer Experience within global reporting system of the Mobile Operator.

Thanks to EQual One Server:

  • Design and create network performance and geo-localised template scenario, with selected panels with Monitoring Modeler
  • Schedule network performance campaigns with Device Quality Agent (DQA) running on customers smart devices with Campaign Manager Module
  • Get instant key decision reports within a cockpit view, as well as export and manage data with Dashboard Engine

Equal ONE is designed to improve and maximize mobile network quality of service (QoS) by monitoring and managing real time customer experience data (CEM). From the moment end user launch Equal ONE DQA (Device quality Agent) until its deactivation, it extracts large amounts of high value data such as device and network quality information, service usage and more.


EQual ONE server displays KPI on dashboard

With Dashboard Engine turns data flows from customer device into actions. Thus, Key decision indicators become smart, versatile and interact in real time within the portal
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EQual ONE server mobile network optimization modeler engine

Reduces time and cost of field testing with the Monitoring Modeler. Design and launch scripts with an easy-to-use intuitive graphical environment.
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EQual ONE manages campaigns according to MNO needs

Deploy easily a network performance test, a benchmark of your competitors services, a customer satisfaction survey, on many devices with our dynamic, easy-to-use campaign manager. Select panellists and services to be monitored and schedule performance tests.
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