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Business customers have specific needs and requirements, and the growing trend for business applications leads to an increased number of support requests. Many of those issues turn out to be linked to poor coverage, slow throughputs etc. You need to quickly identify, isolate and share such selected issues in realtime. Corporate IT Managers can transfer the tickets with all the additional information to their mobile operator, allowing for faster issue troubleshooting. Business end-user can also directly raise enriched tickets from their devices (exact location included).

optimize business application

The number of mobile workers who use business apps like CRM automation and the number of corporate apps available grows rapidly.  For a better work efficiency, it is of high importance that the continuity of service is guaranteed when using the app, and that this information can be shared with business application server part. On top of that, adding a network quality check feature into the business apps and checking these KPIs at start of the application is a real differentiator tool.

Site Quality check – SLA

Coverage, voice call quality, data throughput on business customer sites need to meet the enterprise’s expectations. Using EQual One during customer acquisition phase, as well as for after sales support helps to meet this target.


Mobile services are no longer the responsability of the Mobile Operators, the variety of smartphones, tablets and apps have enabled businesses and brands to develop digital services.

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One Trend

EQual One - One Trend module

What it is ?

One Trend is a Business Intelligence module that provides insightful dashboards that presents the evolution and trends of the main KPI’s over time, with advanced breakdown capabilities allowing for a multi-axis analysis.


 Who it IS for ?

  • Line of Business managers
  • QoE teams
  • Strategic analysts
  • Telecom Regulators


What IT DOES ?

  • Configurable dashboards: define dashboards with selected reports and time aggregation: day, week, month, and year.
  • Pre-calculated reports: reports are continuously calculated on large amount of agent measurements, available for instant access.
  • Trend evolution: KPI’s are presented over time to evaluate the trend at a glance.
  • Easy analysis: main KPI’s are compared to configurable thresholds, for easy evaluation against target. Breakdown analysis on user-defined axis (Technology, Scenario, OS, Operators, etc…).


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