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You can lose one month ARPU with just one call to the customer service.

Customer Services are asked to reduce the processing time and overall cost-per-call of the complaints they receive. At the same time, getting the right information and metrics to analyse a customer complaint has become more and more challenging with the proliferation of devices, technologies and services.

More and more disgruntled customers are not taking the trouble to call their customer service and rather unsubscribe directly from their mobile operator without notice. They also take to social networks to make their discontent known, often at the prejudice of the service provider.

More than 75% of customers would rather use a self-service application than call a Customer Care agent.

70% of customers expect their issues to be resolved in one call and would like a better handling of their customer care records.

Calling the customer service is often a frustrating experience: lack of history of the customer complaints, interacting with different representatives each time… This forces customers to repeatedly contact their customer service at an always increasing cost to the mobile operator.


Featured Use Case

A better quality customer care is the key to future profitability. A VIP complaint requires a fast and efficient reaction. Because they often are key deciders or influencers, the management of VIP complaints require Customer Care teams to go the extra mile in processing and solving their issues. How can their customer care experience be improved?


V3D Customer Care


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One Customer

EQual One - One Customer module

What it is ?

One Customer is a customer centric module that provides a comprehensive dashboard focused on a single customer for residential or corporate customer support, customer complaints management and issue investigation.


 Who it IS for ?

  • Customer Care teams
  • VIP Care teams
  • Corporate Support teams


What IT DOES ?

  • Comprehensive customer QoE dashboard: 360° degrees view of the customer experience, widget based reporting, compare to thresholds and targets, customer score.
  • Ticket management tool: allows a one or two-way communication with the customer on their reported issues.
  • Investigation tool: all-in-one tool on for root cause investigation.
  • Easy customer management: scenarios with automatic transitions.


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