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The ever increasing ubiquity of smartphones has seen consumers accessing the Internet more frequently throughout the day, whether at work, at home or on the move. Over time, apps and data have become just as much an integrated part of everyday life as SMS and voice calls. This widespread change in user behaviour has consequences for mobile network operators. Operators are struggling to maintain their reputation within the mobile ecosystem alongside handset manufacturers, operating systems and content suppliers. This creates a challenging environment with increased churn and customer disloyalty.

Operators need usable and useful data based not only on their vision and equipment but on what their customers experience everyday.

Room for improvement

A key factor for operators to consider is how to manage their customers in order to build trust. Operators need to be absolutely clear with their customers on what they can but also cannot deliver. For instance, the customer perception might be that data speed and coverage are poor in a city, especially on public transports.

Introducing measures to improve the network performance will help to alter this perception and differentiate the operator offerings from the competition.

Competition Benchmark

Using competition benchmark tools allows the mobile operators to discover the real customer experience on their network as well as to gather KPI’s from their competition, simply by running the EQual One agent on a device loaded with a competitor SIM card.

Featured Use Case

Performance shapes smartphone use_Violet bis

Compare network performance in your country and learn valuable insights about your competitors.


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One Trend

EQual One - One Trend module

What it is ?

One Trend is a Business Intelligence module that provides insightful dashboards that presents the evolution and trends of the main KPI’s over time, with advanced breakdown capabilities allowing for a multi-axis analysis.


 Who it IS for ?

  • Line of Business managers
  • QoE teams
  • Strategic analysts
  • Telecom Regulators


What IT DOES ?

  • Configurable dashboards: define dashboards with selected reports and time aggregation: day, week, month, and year.
  • Pre-calculated reports: reports are continuously calculated on large amount of agent measurements, available for instant access.
  • Trend evolution: KPI’s are presented over time to evaluate the trend at a glance.
  • Easy analysis: main KPI’s are compared to configurable thresholds, for easy evaluation against target. Breakdown analysis on user-defined axis (Technology, Scenario, OS, Operators, etc…).


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