Improve coverage
optimize the network and quality

Your Quality of Service indicators might seem good, but your customers keep complaining about poor data coverage compared to competition, call failures, dropped calls or slow data throughputs. You need both technical and comprehensive information on the sets of your subscribers, which will allow you to:

Run investigations and campaigns and analyse data performance map.
Locate congestion at specific locations by running automated tests at different times.
Analyze layering strategies and verify technology handovers.
Optimize drive tests to focus only the problem areas.

Increasing value through performance

The network performance is definitively strategic for mobile operators in their effort to strengthen customer loyalty. When you improve customer satisfaction through network performance, the perceived value for money also improves. It therefore becomes crucial to Mobile Operators to understand how their subscribers perceive the network performance and quality.

Network Performance



Featured Use Case

Adapting the behaviour of the mobile agent to be active only in pre-defined locations allows mobile operator to monitor precise areas such as boroughs or cities without negatively impacting the user device battery when they are outside these locations.

EQual One allows mobile operators to create locations where the agents are active and can adapt the behaviour of their agents depending on their location.



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One Network

EQual One - One Network module

What it is ?

One Network is a real-time network analysis module. It provides a complete toolset to analyse in real time all of the agent measurements, with drill down and geo-mapping capabilities, allowing for the investigation of issues correlated to the network inventory.


Who it IS for?

  • Network engineers
  • QoE/QoS teams
  • Technical Support teams


What IT DOES ?

  • Comprehensive set of reports based on mobile agents data. The reports are available per functional area (Voice, Data, Coverage, Video streaming…) and provide advanced multi-select filters and export capabilities.
  • All-in-one investigation tool. The investigation tool allows for multidimensional investigation and advanced filtering capabilities. Making extensive use of the network inventory (cell, azimuth, beam width, distance to site) and the creation of personalized multi-layer maps.


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