Protect end users
regulate the telecom market


The missions and responsibilities of a Telecom Regulator may differ from one country to another. But their main duties remain to promote and regulate the use of telecommunications services, protect the end users and ensure compliance of the licence terms.

Benchmark the operators

Benchmarking the operators is one of the main mission of the Telecom Regulator. They need to be able to
Check if the promoted quality is really delivered to the subscribers,
Provide MNO ranking for customers,
Check if the legal SLA for license attribution is respected.

Guarantee the Customer Experience

Telecom Regulators need to understand how customers perceive the mobile network performance and quality. To get as close possible to the actual customer experience, they must  collect KPIs directly from all the different smartphones and tablets in use on the market, thereby obtaining a real-time vision of the mobile service quality and the customer experience, as perceived by the customers of the various mobile providers. These tests need be replicated consistenly over time, technologies and space, to increase the accuracy and relevance of the results.





One Trend

EQual One - One Trend module

What it is ?

One Trend is a Business Intelligence module that provides insightful dashboards that presents the evolution and trends of the main KPI’s over time, with advanced breakdown capabilities allowing for a multi-axis analysis.


 Who it IS for ?

  • Line of Business managers
  • QoE teams
  • Strategic analysts
  • Telecom Regulators


What IT DOES ?

  • Configurable dashboards: define dashboards with selected reports and time aggregation: day, week, month, and year.
  • Pre-calculated reports: reports are continuously calculated on large amount of agent measurements, available for instant access.
  • Trend evolution: KPI’s are presented over time to evaluate the trend at a glance.
  • Easy analysis: main KPI’s are compared to configurable thresholds, for easy evaluation against target. Breakdown analysis on user-defined axis (Technology, Scenario, OS, Operators, etc…).


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