Evaluate coverage issues  by mobile devices


Primary expectation from customers is to access mobile network every time, everywhere; this is also the first cause for voice and data issues. Theoretical coverage calculated turns to be an imperfect tool, as it suffers from wrong input data, and differs from real customer experience that depends on mobile brand/model and location indoor/outdoor.


EQual One solution monitors in real-time the Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) from commercial devices. You can create your own monitoring App thanks to the Mobile SDK App: Either through a dedicated App or fully integrated into an existing operator App for fast rollout, our Equal One SDK lets you tailor the application to your needs.


Provide a complete tool set to analyse the measurements in real-time:

Geographical analysis of quality issues per areas as precise as 50X50 meters.

Drill down capabilities to voice call failure, data activities, drop call and user test…

Visualization on maps with detailed radio information, typically RSRP, SNR, distance to site, cell ID/LAC and many more.

Spot issues in areas where operators usually have no visibility such as WI-FI, no coverage and indoor areas.



Investigate coverage maps and issue investigation:

Get the actual network coverage as experienced by a specific customer to better manage its customer care complaints.

Identify areas of low coverage affecting the greatest number of subscribers including areas with no network coverage to prioritize your actions.

Check the level of coverage and performance delivered by your partner in case of a network sharing or MVNO situation.





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