Customer care and network investigation at lower costs


MVNO’s are not in full control of networks their customers are using. With EQual One, they have the solution to measure and benchmark the service quality of their host networks like:

Locate areas where subscribers have roaming issues.

Benchmark host networks.

Make sure your subscribers have the same QoE as the host network users.

Identify services impacted: voice, data, messaging…

Having detailed data to assert complaints to operators.

Evaluate at a glance and in real-time the customer experience of a specific customer.


EQual One monitors in real-time the customer experience and usage of the device, while offering a global and usable view of their experience to the end-user with low battery impact.

EQual One coupled to a SIM/App solution as Smart Monitoring allows to capture 100% of the customer experience, allowing to verify on which network the subscriber is located, whatever the mobile used.


Get a real-time network analysis with powerful investigation tools. The One Network analytical module provides a complete toolset to analyse the measurements in real-time, drilldown through the data on powerful maps and reports:

Geographical analysis of quality issues per areas as precise as 50×50 meters.

Drill down capabilities to voice call failure, data activities, drop call and user test…

Visualization on maps with detailed radio information, typically RSRP, SNR, distance to site, Cell ID/LAC and many more.

Spot issues in areas where operators usually have no visibility such as Wi-Fi, no coverage and indoor areas.



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