Provide a real-time analysis of the network


Even though your Quality of Service (QoS) indicators seem good, your subscribers keep complaining about poor data coverage, call failures or slow data throughputs. Network planning tools offer coverage prediction but the situation might be completely different in reality and can impact the subscriber perception:

Real coverage experienced by the subscriber? – Where are located the most critical areas? – How many subscribers are affected? – Services mostly impacted: Voice? Data? Messaging? Are the key questions you must have answers !


EQual One solution monitors in real-time the Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) from commercial devices. It includes a friendly user mobile application & a central server providing real time network analysis with powerful investigation tools.


Optimize drive test campaings: perform automatic and continuous field surveys thus reducing costs compared with service or drive test companies.

Find and investigate coverage issues:

Geographical analysis of quality issues per areas as precise as 50X50 meters.

Drill down capabilities to voice call failure, data activities, drop call and user test…

Visualization on maps with detailed radio information, typically RSRP, SNR, distance to site, cell ID/LAC and many more.

Spot issues in areas where operators usually have no visibility such as WI-FI, no coverage and indoor areas.

The automatic transitions based on the user location reduce the portal administration work. It allows the operator to gather enriched data at strategic places and to create location-based benchmarking.

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