Apr 18, 2017

Improve the mobile QoE of your Business Customers

Improving the satisfaction of your business customers must be a priority, therefore, let them test your network and assess QoE before committing, find opportunities for VIP customers upsell…
…Use EQual One as your subscriber hotspots to optimize your business customers mobile experience.

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Nov 09, 2016

Make smarter speed tests !

Have a look on the latest EQual One add-on: Packet Loss Test. It provides you with many more KPI’s that you cannot get from a standard speed test: packet loss percentage, maximum throughput, latency, jitter, and a lot more… And all of that with a single « 5MB or 5 seconds » test!

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Oct 13, 2016

Crowd source your coverage map

Do you feel that your predictive coverage maps do not fully illustrate your subscribers coverage experience? Are you looking to enrich your theoretical coverage map with subscribers experience data? Check out our article about crowd sourcing platforms for mobile operators.

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