Compare the network performance of the competition



Operators are always striving to know how they are positioned from a network quality point of view compared to their competition. Collecting the KPI’s that allow this comparison by drive tests only is very costly and only gives a spotted view. Also, these KPI’s usually do not translate the real life user experience of the customers.


Deploy EQual One agents on several identical devices with SIM cards from the competition. Perform identical manual or automatic test scenarios on all the devices to collect comparable data. Benchmark can compare coverage in specific high-value locations (airports, shops) or at a precised time (business hours, major events…), voice technology (2G, 3G, LTE), data, messaging…


Create comprehensive dashboard to compare the network performance to the competition. Benchmark tests can be used to prepare regulatory tests.

Enable the measurement of network QoE under real-life conditions, that best reflects providers’ true coverage and service performance conditions and the end user’s actual experience thus reducing your internal processing time.

Perform automatic and continuous field surveys thus reducing costs compared with service or drive test companies.

Operator Benchmark

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