Specialized in mobile technologies, V3D software enables Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to monitor true network Quality of Experience (QoE) straight from the subscribers’ perspective. This complementary approach to traditional measurement methods of network performance offers technical and business benefits to all departments of a mobile operator, from CEM & Marketing to Network Operations or Customer Care.

V3D product portfolio focuses on customer experience and mobile network service performance. The technical foundation EQual One is based on a combination of Device Quality Agents (DQA) deployed on commercial devices and a powerful server interacting over-the-air with the DQAs.

The EQual One solution enables MNOs to see the network service quality the way the subscribers do when browsing the web, using an application or watching a video.

Compared to traditional network Quality of Service (QoS) systems (probes and other network-centric metrics), collecting data directly from the subscriber’s device allows MNO’s to change their perspective from a network centric view to a subscriber centric view because performance KPIs collected on their smartphones reflect the real-life experience of customers while using their mobile phones. These KPIs give a 360° view of the operator’s QoE and strongly contribute to monitor the network performance and the customer experience.

Furthermore, the EQual One SDK allows developers to integrate all of the features from the EQual One mobile agent right into their application. Provided as a library, the V3D SDK’s can be integrated in an existing mobile application or be used to build a specific User Interface around the EQual One mobile agent core.


How is V3D different ?

Strong telecom expertise and experience within the core network area

Successful mobile network optimisation is more than just technology. V3D staff is composed of experienced telecommunications, IS/IT professionals and Mobile Operating System experts; but even more important, V3D’s culture in identifying the inter-dependability of the various applications in any IT/Telecom environment is a key factor for choosing V3D as a trusted provider.

Full range of QoS/QoE customer centric software solution

Quality of Service in the wireless industy isn’t the same for every type of business and customers. Throughout its innovative platform, services and partnerships, V3D is definitely focused on the customer experience.

The overall EQual One technical platform is under full user’s control

  • Multi device and multi-platform support including Android, IOS and Windows
  • Active tests and non-intrusive passive monitoring
  • Anonymous and under user’s control
  • KPIs computed on the phone
  • Merge of technical and customer based information
  • Fully configurable OTA (Over-The-Air)