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Our revolutionnary platform is approaching today's top managers priorities with its interactive user interface, analystics platform, easy to use campaign manager and monitoring modeler interface.

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V3D provides a range of innovative CEM softwares for the wireless industry:

  • Dedicated to real-life QoS and QoE measurement Systems for mobile devices.- Subscriber-centric quality measurements in real life and real time conditions.- Dedicated to allow MNOs to improve quality services, customers satisfaction, ROI and avoid churn.
  • Our software are the customer experience window of any Service Quality Management (SQM) solution.


Real life, real time, customer centric solution

Easy to Deploy on existing commercial smartphones

No network or device dependency

Configurable powerful web portal interfaces


Coverage and performance measures as mobile subscribers feel and live it

Proactive customer care tool to handle Network Experience issues

Live benchmark of competition

Focus trouble shooting where customers need it

Improve bottom line result reducing and optimising costs of quality measurement and quality related churn

EQual ONE gathers and analyse valuable customers’ experience data