A device based monitoring solution


EQual One is a powerful source of data analytics coming straight from the subscriber’s devices. With 200’000 agents, get 30 million geo-localized measures every day with a battery impact lower than 3%.

V3D’s mission is to provide the industry with a self-sufficient technology that reveals its full value when it is integrated with existing network moniroring solutions.

That is why V3D chose to place EQual One at the heart of the CEM and Customer Care solutions of Telecom industry leaders, enriching these solutions by introducing an outside-in approach with customer experience data directly collected on the customer devices.

Furthermore, V3D is a trusted partner of Tier-1 mobile operators around the world wishing to remain independent in their choice of innovative solutions, whilst remaining compatible with the solutions of network vendors. The EQual One solution brings them rich and exhaustive insights on the smartphones complexity and their impact on the mobile networks performance and quality management.


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