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Frequently Asked Questions

A. V3D products line for Telecom industry:

A1. How are V3D products relevant in my Service Quality Management or Customer Experience Management strategy?

V3D products bring additional value to both SQM and CEM strategies. Because our products delivers data and key performance indicators (KPI) from smartphones, it will give a clear, detailed and genuine picture of your quality of service and how your customer are experiencing it everyday. For more information, please contact our sales team by filling this form.

A2. How can I download and test V3D products?

In order to test our solution, please fill this form to get in touch with our sales team. You will be contacted within the next 48 hours (on business days only) and we will give you more details on how you can test our solution.

A3. I am a Telecom Regulator. Is V3D product relevant to benchmark Mobile Network Operators?

Indeed. V3D products provide a benchmark module that allows Regulators or Mobile Network Operators to compare their results to their competitors. In addition, EQual ONE Device Quality Agent (DQA) gathers not only technical information but also customers’ impression on the service they use thanks to surveys completely customisable remotely.

A4. Can EQual ONE help me processing performance related phone calls at my Customer Service?

Indeed. EQual ONE Device Quality Agent (DQA) is a scalable and easily downloadable tool that will help you reduce your Customer Service costs when related to mobile and network performances.
With an history log function per mobile phone, it can help you identify which problem happened on your customer’s phone, giving your support team a precise and exclusive tool to help your customers and reduce call lengths.

B. All about EQual ONE product:

B1. On which mobile device is your product compliant?

EQual ONE Device Quality Agent (DQA) is compliant with every major smartphones Operating Systems for mobile phone on the market. Our solution is available for iOS, Android, Symbian, RIM and Windows Phone. In addition, we provide also a version for 3G/LTE USB dongles running on Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7. For more details, please get in touch with us by filling this form.

B2. What data is EQual ONE monitoring?

EQual ONE solution monitors data such as Radio, HTTP, FTP, Voice, Video, location, customers’ point of view… Details are available on our EQual ONE Device Quality Agent (DQA) page, or by asking our sales team directly.

B3. How your mobile quality agent can be deployed on smartphones?

EQual ONE is a solution completely deployable Over The Air (OTA). A short URL where the Device Quality Agent (DQA) can be downloaded is sent to your panellists by SMS or email. Their smartphone Operating System will be checked automatically and the correct DQA will be downloaded accordingly.

B4. What KPIs does EQual ONE provide?

EQual ONE Device Quality Agent provides technical KPIs such as RSSI, LAC, Cell ID, ISHO and customers's opinion score on your services. They can help you notice problems, misuses or malfunction on your network. If you want to know the complete list of KPIs that EQual ONE provides, please contact our sales team by filling this form.

B5. Are end users aware that Equal ONE is monitoring their phone connections?

EQual ONE is a solution that needs to be downloaded. End users are an important part of our KPIs process and are completely aware that Equal ONE is installed on their phone. Even if deployment takes place over the air, installation is always approved by the end-user, as agreement to the terms of use is mandatory to complete the installation process.

B6. Can I remove Equal ONE from my phone whenever I want?

Indeed. EQual ONE is an application like any other one that can be found in official stores (Apple store, Android market…). Therefore, EQual ONE is being displayed in the smartphone application manager and can be removed whenever the user wants.

B7. Can I configure or activate test remotely?

EQual ONE server solution enables you to fully choose your campaigns, panellists, test scenarios and to customise your QoE survey. You can manage everything directly from your office such as adding or removing panellists, changing test scenarios in the middle of a campaign, etc. Our solution is fully scalable, easy to use and offers high capacities. To learn more, please contact our sales team.

B8. How and where can I choose my panellists?

Panels and panellists can easily be created and managed through EQual ONE Panellist Manager. You can either enter your panellist details manually such as device identifier (IMEI) and phone number (MSISDN), or import a csv file.

B9. What modes are available for the DQA? Are there a passive and an active mode?

EQual ONE DQA is divided in 3 different modes: On Click Script Monitoring (OCM), Silent Live Monitoring (SLM) and Silent Script Monitoring (SSM).

SSM is a passive mode that monitors data continuously and that can launch automatic tests.

OCM mode is a manual and active mode where the end user manually triggers tests that are defined through our Campaign Manager.

SLM is an active and scheduled mode that triggers events in predefined occasions.

Every mode, every test and every event can be fully customisable through EQual ONE server.
For more information, please fill this form.

B10. Is EQual ONE available as a SaaS or can I install it on my own server?

EQual ONE server is available directly as a SaaS (Software as a Service) and can be accessed from anywhere. However, our solution can be plugged directly into your SQM (Service Quality Management) solution or can be set on your local IT/Technical infrastructure.

B11. Can EQual ONE be integrated in my reporting tools?

All data gathered through EQual ONE DQA and sent to EQual ONE Data Warehouse, can be exported or linked to your business intelligence software systems.

B12. Do I have my KPI in real time or do I have to wait several hours to access them?

EQual ONE uses a software application solution installed within the end user phones. The application partially aggregates KPIs before sending them to our servers. Therefore, every KPI is available after having been sent to the server, meaning after the end user phone entered idle mode to avoid any bad user experience.

B12. What kind of information EQual ONE is gathering?

EQual ONE keeps and tracks only data that are relevant from the device operating system to radio information, mobile network diagnosis and customer location as well as customers’ satisfaction. Every data are used to improve quality of services that operators are providing to their customer, and also used to proactively identified any network weakness. This application DOES NOT gather private information or information on your whereabouts. We just help improve global network quality and satisfaction for your future experience.

C. Troubleshooting

C1. I can’t launch network performance test with my DQA, what shall I do?

First of all, please verify with our support or on our user guide that your smartphone or MS-Windows Operating System version is compliant with EQual ONE.
If so, go in your settings and check out the configuration file version. If the current version displays :

“not running, please contact us”. It seems that your smartphone is not compliant with EQual ONE Device Quality Agent. Please contact our support team to provide you the last version.

“V3D default configuration file. Please update”. You need to update the current version that uses the basic configuration. This version is not linked to your campaign, we advice you to update it.

“ID#nnnnnn”. You are attached to a campaign with a dedicated ID