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Key uses of V3D products

  • Translate “better network” to “better customer experience"
  • Reflect a End to End view of Service Quality Management (SQM)
  • Initiate V3D products for customer surveys.
  • Analyze results against focus group and other research findings and tie together.
  • Move towards a V3D products based customer QoE approach.
  • Introduce device specific research on customer experience.
  • Introduce an integrated approach to marketing and network (IMAN). Push to bring QoE into the network planning process.
  • Measure improvement of QoE over time following the introduction of V3D products into the business.
  • Pursue customer service trouble tickets through deployment of V3D products to those customers. Provide detailed performance to technical groups for resolution.
  • Initiate on-going program of V3D products network QoS KPI reporting.
  • Move from 100% manual drive test towards 100% V3D software solution.
  • Use V3D to focus and reduce “directed” manual drive test and optimization program.
  • Integrate V3D software solution into O&M systems to provide triggered alarms within V3D server.
  • Establish process to integrate probe data and drill down using V3D products for specific user devices and sessions.
  • Initiate V3D products network benchmarking program across all operators.
  • Integrate V3D products results back into network planning process, to improve or move to Services Quality Management (SQM).
  • Put in place system for evaluating the impact of improved QoE on increased usage and reduced churn.
  • Estimate the corresponding uplift in revenue created by improved QoE.
  • Measure directly the OPEX cost savings introduced by reduced manual drive testing and reduced direct focus group customer research
  • With V3D products, reduce cost of your Call Center by lowering customer complaints due to faster repair times