EQual One Modules

One Customer


A customer centric module for dedicated customer care & complaints management.

Customer Care

One Network


A real-time network analysis module with powerful investigation tools.

Network investigation

One Trend


A BI module that features trends & evolution of main KPI’s over time.

Marketing & Analytics

EQual One Modules

Why gathering the QoE KPI’s from subscriber’s devices?

Service Performance does not end at base stations or other radio equipments

Network Equipment based QoE Monitoring is not providing an end-to-end view of the network performance. Devices, OS, but also geographical parameters strongly influence the perceived service performance.

Device based KPIs offer many cost saving opportunities

Traditional solutions are expensive and the data may not be available in real time to the relevant departments. By using device-based KPI’s, traditional methods can be optimized, problems identified before subscriber complaints and customer care call times shortened.

Put the focus on the end user

Device-based network monitoring is inline with the market trend towards subscriber-centric mobile operators. This approach is not only limited to offering a view of the network from the subscriber’s point of view: Customers can become active contributors by reporting problems and therefore participate in network improvements.

Act where it truly matters to the subscribers

No more lucky guess! Collecting QoE data directly from mobile devices allows the prioritization of network improvements and optimization in areas where it truly matters to the subscribers.

Key information is only available on the mobile device

Many KPIs related to the end user’s perception of quality can only be measured and collected directly from the mobile device.



Mobile SDK App



Easily integrate all of the functionalities of our technology into existing applications or create a custom User Interface on top of the EQual One features.


Smoothen your agent deployments thanks to our store-ready SDK. Main features of our SDK include:

Silent Monitoring: monitor coverage, network status and radio conditions with GPS positioning.

Active tests: run HTTP speed tests, Web tests or Video Streaming tests right in your application.

Results: access the data collected on the customer device to create live dashboards.



EQual One allows MNO’s to analyse the relationship between the subscriber, their device and the mobile network. The solution is combining Device Quality Agents (DQA) installed on commercial smartphones with a powerful server to remotely manage the DQA’s. The same server handles the collection, analysis and display of the collected data.

EQual One

The mobile application monitors the user activity on the device, such as browsing the web, using an application, watching a video or making a call, and collects all relevant data related to the network performance and customer experience. After the session has finished, the data is transferred to the server for further computing, aggregation and real-time display.

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