mScore TCP/IP QoS assessment

Scoring, achievable throughput and troubleshooting.

One expert-system, multiple analyses:


Predict network QoS capabilities in few seconds by generating an applicative composite TCP flow: web, social networking, email, VoIP, Video streaming.




Flashtest calculates maximum throughput with 20 times less data volumes than other solutions: typically, in less than 1 second from 100KB to max 5MB of data.




Troubleshoot QoS issues and low throughputs providing in real-time low level KPIs: Packet loss, jitter, RTT latency, throughput and burst analysis, root cause analysis of limiting factors, TCP/IP traces.




 A clientless solution for end-to-end TCP/IP QoS diagnosis.

mScore introduces multiple innovations allowing to break down legacy barriers to QoS testing.

Network agnostic: ready for mobile or fixed line broadband connections.

From any device: Web browser interface, Mobile apps, CPE or IoT equipment’s.

Real-time in-depth analysis: KPIs, traces and root cause analysis immediately available.

Ready for massive deployment: fully automated.


mScore use cases for:


Improve root cause analysis: mScore provides focused user-plane information like maximum achievable throughput, percentage of congestion or “full-buffer” status in the nodeB, unleashes new root cause analysis algorithms and allows engineers to focus on new high-level subjects : network predictability, spectral efficiency.


Facilitate QoS measurement: mScore simplifies connection scoring and speed testing without eating customer data plan.


Streamline fixed/mobile QoS benchmarking solution: mScore proposes a generic network QoS benchmarking solution. mScore can be used on any TCP/IP network and can adapted to any test scenario: from field-tests conducted by skilled technicians to crowdsourced tests.