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Customer care increase fidelity in mobile network industry

"Caring about your customers is the first step to get them LOYAL"

Customer care is a key element in retaining your customers and getting them loyal. Knowledge of service performance to manage SLA with third party service providers or golden customers (VIP, Corporate…) is a key indicator for being proactive and for offering a high value customer care service. Customer services are facing problems such as dropped call, no coverage, low download speeds, delays, bad video streaming quality, and wrong billing information. According to statistics*, on average, each unsatisfied end user tells their problem to another 13 users, while only less than 10% of end users actually report to operators' customer service centres.

Proactive Customer Care

To maintain competitiveness, mobile operators must improve the quality of subscribers’ experience, by giving an optimal and proactive level of customer care. An adequate level of proactivity can only be validate if you literally "walk in your customer shoes".

V3D's offers you a complete mobile customer experience management (CEM) tool, EQual ONE, that:

  • Enable your customer to interact with you… Whenever, wherever and however he wants!
  • Enable your company to capture the voice of its customers in real time.

This tool can be implemented within your overall customer experience management processes.

With EQual ONE, the voice of your customers is captured 24 / 7 / 365 from mobile device in real time and stored into a central repository with QoS indicators and customer feedback management tool (QoE or CEM). All information is smoothly available on EQual ONE Dashboard Engine at a glance, and enable real-time mobile services evaluations at the 'moment of truth'.

The reporting tool available with EQual ONE Dashboard engine allows you to capture in real-time your customer satisfaction for a service, generating automatically a KQI (Key Quality indicators) report. Combined with EQual ONE Monitoring Modeler, you can trigger network performance tests to gain insight. Thus, you can detect how important information coming directly from your customers are, and understand drivers of satisfaction / dissatisfaction.

In addition EQualONE’s pro-active Customer module avoids analytic paralysis and makes findings immediately usable and actionable. All information collected with the Device Quality Agent installed on customer's smartphone will push and warn Operator representatives. They can take action on the right network at the right time to improve global and “perceived” quality (or customer experienced quality). The EQual ONE server services can be deployed quickly, within 30 minutes.

EQual ONE helps you increase retention and loyalty, reduce churn and costs, discover new revenue streams by giving your customers the quality they expected from a customer care.

First step towards Device Care

EQual ONE helps you decrease mobile diagnostic related customer support costs by providing an exhaustive view of your customer experience. In case of incoming calls in your customer support center, the Dashboard Engine enables you to send our solution directly to your customer over the air (OTA). Because checking how mobile devices behave on your network or by themselves will help understand what, where and why a problem happened, it will also increase your global quality of services towards your customers at the same time.

The next time your customer will be calling, you will be able to check directly what he had experienced and link his problem to KPIs more quickly, adding a high value efficiency to your customer support center, and saving time and money on technical investigation.

Questions answered

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  • How to drastically reduce network problem related churn ? How to prevent quality related churn?
  • How to improve our customer service on network quality service? Do my customer service really catch our customer feedback and how does it help us improving our services?
  • How can I decrease my customer support calls in time, volumes and costs without decreasing customer satisfaction?


  • EQual ONE Full Pack + Customer Care module

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* Source: QoE-Based E2E Data Service Quality Improvement (SQI) © Huawei