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Increase mobile network coverage with end users' quality of experience (QoE)

VAS and data coverage is a key to understand your network and to keep your customers happy!

Mobile Data and VAS (Value Added Services) are growing more and more, showing a real potential for generating new revenues streams for telecom operators. It also creates new challenges like providing an adequate service quality to subscribers.

Mobile services Benchmark

Pre-tested services may appear to work correctly from a technical point of view, and fail when used by subscribers, giving a poor image in consumers’ minds.

In addition, resolving stalling / buffering issues for video downloads is a prime example of smartphone content usage where an operator can significantly improve the user experience. The challenge is to gain statistics on individual download times, session duration and volume in kbps directly from a smartphone. A mobile network operator who has knowledge of the real bandwidth requirements of his third party services will be in a better position to control its content offers (increasing therefore bottom line profits) and to compete on quality of services.

Nevertheless, by asserting control over mobile data and checking results against the performance on competitor networks, Mobile Operators can significantly raise satisfaction and loyalty levels for mobile broadband services.

3G/LTE Data coverage

The success of data services, with data traffic increasing by as much as 400% per year, presents many challenges to the mobile operators:

Engineers must understand, analyse and solve problems arising from Mobile data network congestion, inadequate radio resources, IP mobility and data network abuse.

Constantly expand and optimise their data network to answer customer's demand on high speed data services.

Keep an eye on competition network coverage and their quality of service (QoS), to find the best position for their data services offers and to increase subscribers loyalty.

Proactively monitor SLAs and react quickly to manage problems that degrade Quality of Service and customer experience.

Getting real subscribers insights on network coverage and real quality of experience (QoE) from a genuine commercial smart device. It helps you understand :

  • what are the customers difficulties in mobile network uses
  • what to improve to deliver customers a better quality on high value added services (video streaming, mobile apps…)
  • how to eventually retain your customers and getting them loyal.

V3D Value Proposition

To meet these challenges, V3D delivers a software suite that helps your subscribers to trust and enjoy your latest services. We want you to be confident that your customers are always experiencing your best network quality and that they are kept happy and loyal.

Empower the subscriber Experience with EQual ONE!

EQual ONE is a unique solution which extracts real life information directly from inside a smartphone, allowing you to analyse and anticipate your subscribers’ behaviour. It also provides a real-time overview of all your own mobile network services leakage that needs to be improved, and gives a way to monitor your competitors coverage roll-out (2G, 3G or LTE) and quality of their services.

EQual ONE allows mobile operators to easily:

  • Understand QoE before and manage customer experience (CEM) after deployment,
  • Detect any under performing devices or OS release issue quickly within its network,
  • Get competition insights on data services before launching a new one (video streaming content, streaming-music content offer…)
  • Reduce market study time and costs for launching your ideal commercial offer.

All end-users activities can be correlate with network services KPIs and real customer experience. They are all available within a national map layer on EQual ONE Dashboard Engine. The solution is completely network independent and gives to any wireless industry players a great way to benchmark the quality of any mobile operators or direct competitors… because Quality really matters now!

Questions answered

  • How to detect network services (voice, data or application) performance problems early, with no overhead on our network application environment?
  • How to ensure the performance of data services: web surf, download/upload and emails?
  • How to reduce “finger-pointing” source of network performance problems with technical and IS/IT team?
  • How to understand and address usage and performance trends for our mobile networks? What can we learn about the performance of own mobile network and also from competition?
  • How to detect anomalous mobile network resources at a glance?


  • EQual ONE Full Pack + Benchmark module extension

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