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Tunisie Telecom, leverage V3D's product and business support to achieve impressive results from their 3G rollout.

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An operator aimed to check its coverage as experienced everyday by its customers. EQual ONE helped him analyse unusual inter-system hand over (ISHO), distance and performances on specific area.

QoE troubleshooting through coverage analysis

Key results

  • Proven solution: Value from 24 hours after OTA deployment
  • Operators become aware of network coverage weaknesses perceived by real customers: data performance, ISHO, weak RSSI levels
  • Give a complete overview of real coverage over time
  • SLA or KPI\KQI degradation notifications
  • Reduce cost for coverage survey or coverage drive testing
  • One solution across any network bearers from 2G, 3G to LTE & WiFi
  • Ensure sustained QoS for Voice, High Speed Internet and 3G/LTE Data Services.


  • Do you really know what is happening everyday between your mobile network and your customers’ devices?


With customers becoming more and more addicted to use data services and applications on their phones since the smartphone revolution, operators need to have a complete overview of their network to avoid a decrease of global quality for their customers. To monitor, optimize their network and troubleshooting process, engineer needs to know:

  • Where and when problems are happening?.

  • Is it happening on all devices? Only a few?.

  • On which technology did it happen?.

By matching information gathered through quality of service (QoS) and customer experience (CEx) indicators with their network counters and measurements (from the OMC), they will be able to know quickly and efficiently why the issue is happening.


Operators need to be at their best at any time to provide the best quality of service (QoS) to their customers. With the smartphones, data usages have been skyrocketing and operators need to optimise each step of the service delivery process to sustain and maximise their ROI. However, in mature markets, it’s completely essential to keep the same level of customer experience (CEx) in the process.

Today, operators have a lot of information regarding core network with different probe systems and aggregated KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). What is needed is an overview of the customer side of mobile networks. Therefore, an exhaustive and flexible tool is required to measure the AIR interface.

Indeed, what is happening everyday in the same location, at different hour and with different phones is critical for service quality and for your customers’ experiences. EQual ONE helps you by giving a complete and clear overview of the customer’s journey, for several areas according to phones, days, hours, location, RSSI or performances.


EQual ONE Device Quality Agent (DQA) on Silent Live Monitoring (SLM) mode is monitoring any network event that is occurring on the phone such as voice and data calls, related problems, RSSI and performances according to GPS location. Key network information are aggregated directly on the phone when it enters idle mode.

More than technical KPI, EQual ONE SLM can trigger specific survey to catch the feelings and the opinion of your customers according to specific events. You can ask them how was their call, or to qualify specific information such as precise location like indoor, deep indoor, enabling a better understanding of the problems.

Our server is aggregating data into meaningful reports based on statistical analysis. Data is entirely checked to give you the most precise information that will help you to take smart decisions.


Deployed in the West Indies for a mobile network operator, EQual ONE has detected and achieved the following results:

  • Detect unusual porosity with ISHO between 3G and 2G
  • Unusual performances according to RSSI level and distance between mobile and site antenna
  • Mobile impact in degraded performances due to bad RSSI reception
  • Wrong servers identification to deliver service according to server type (macro, micro, femto), orientation and location.

The operator has detected unknown ISHO and performances below the targeted level. They have investigated and changed network configuration within a week. Without EQual ONE Device Quality Agent, the problem may have stayed unnoticed for weeks or months.

EQual ONE DQA also helped the operator to identify device behaviour on network and towards customer experience. Devices with the best quality and costs can be advised to customers in order to increase savings while keeping a high quality standard.