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V3D and Tunisie Telecom to put customer experience in the heart of 3G service quality management.

Lyon, France, 28/11/2011 – Tunisia national operator, Tunisie Telecom, signed an agreement with French company V3D to use EQual ONE solution for testing, monitoring, analysing and commercially launching its brand new 3G network. Tunisie Telecom is focusing its marketing strategy on customer experience management and service quality management for its 3G++ commercial launch on August 11th 2011. Tunisie Telecom wished to guarantee its customers a high quality of services through a customer experience management solution embedded directly on smartphones.

Tunisie telecom preferred French company V3D EQual ONE solution to validate their quality of service and network performances from an end user point of view.

V3D is a French independent software editor specialized in monitoring and managing quality of service (QoS) and end users quality of experience (QoE) for mobile network operators. Its main solution, EQual ONE, allows precise and objective measures through quality and customer focused key performances indicators (KPIs). With a complete compatibility on iOS, Android, RIM, Symbian and Windows Phone, EQual ONE monitors not only mobile networks performances but also voice and data services according to the bearer (2G, 3G, LTE, WiFI) and to environmental conditions (indoor, outdoor or in movement).

Ahmed El Gazzah, Analysis and Strategy manager – Tunisie Telecom- “During a new service commercial rollout, being able to test, measure and validate your service quality is completely essential. What we truly needed was to guarantee our customers a fast and reliable service. V3D expertise allowed us to evaluate our mobile network by focusing on real customer experience to bring them the best quality. Our Project Manager, Kaouther Bedoui was really enthusiastic by this end user focused approach and really enjoyed how useful and user friendly EQual ONE can be.”

Philippe Vial-Grelier, President and CEO, Vision 360 Degres (V3D) – « At V3D we strongly believe that end users should be the core focus of every actions, especially when it is aiming at testing and measuring quality on a mobile network. Today, operators are looking to understand their customers and their needs, to increase their network performances and their retention rate. We think that CEM and SQM (customer experience and service quality management) solutions can help them in the process. We were really enthusiastic to work with Tunisie Telecom and to bring them our expertise in quality testing and customer experience management. We are truly confident that EQual ONE will help Tunisie Telecom subscribers by providing them with the best 3G++ service according to their needs. »

About Tunisie Telecom

Tunisie Telecom is the incumbent telecommunication network and service provider in Tunisia. The operator offers a full range of fixed, mobile and satellite telephony services. Tunisie Telecom targets businesses, third parties carrier and general public. In Tunisia, Tunisie Telecom is the only mobile carrier offering national interconnection and roaming-in services. With more than 8300 employees and multiple local headquarters and private retailers, Tunisie Telecom offers proximity, accessibility and universality with a customer satisfaction and an improved quality of service focus. In September 2010, Tunisie Telecom was awarded the country's second 3G licence, and offers 3G residential and corporate mobile voice an data services available from USB dongle or smartphones.

About V3D

V3D is an independent QoS and QoE software editor for mobile network. With a deep knowledge in software development and mobile network operator environment, V3D offers turnkey solutions to monitor and manage networks and value added services from a customer point of view.