An investigation tool for VIP customers



Support your subscribers efficiently when they raise a complaint, evaluate their situation based on facts, datas and their living spaces, gain time and satisfaction while answering with a rapid and efficient solution. In addition, providing an extra level of care to VIP customers is capital as they are often key decidors or influencers.


The solutions consists in deploying an agent on the VIP customer device to follow their personal experience of the network and investigate on this user. Collect all the main quality indicators (KPI’s) plus critical information such as coverage, device battery drain. The tool also provides KML export for integration into the operator planning tools.

The agent is installed either OTA (Over-The-Air) or in shop. The investigation usually lasts 2 to 4 weeks.


Save time and precision in the qualifying stage and analysis of symptoms to provide actionable information to the technical department. Allow subscribers to report issues directly from their device, manage open
issues and interact directly from the dashboard with the subscriber thanks to a two-way communication channel for incident management.

Increase the link with your client to improve its satisfaction on his daily issues.

Provide a comprehensive QoE dashboard focused on a single customer: visualize real-time mobile customer experience on main usage: coverage issues, voice calls accessibility, data performance, including application usage and impact, plus device related issues such as battery drain. Finally, interact with the customer during the investigation provides direct feedback through the survey and message features.


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