EQual One is a powerful source of data analytics coming straight from the subscriber’s devices.

With 200’000 agents, get 30 million geo-localized measures every day with a battery impact lower than 3%.

QoE Device Agent –  EQual One key differentiators:

Providing the real-time actual coverage of an operator.

Evaluating the proportion of data usage per technologies: mobile, Wi-Fi, roaming.

Mobile analytics, measuring usage of App, by volume and per technologies on a chosen period.

Depth investigation of customer care complaints both for end user than business subscriber.

Overall benchmarking the performance data in real-time conditions of the subscribers (use robot mode).



mScore introduces multiple innovations allowing to break down legacy barriers to Quality of Service (QoS) testing.

QoS Serveur Agent – mScore differentiators:

Real-time clientless diagnostic of TCP/IP connections.

Network agnostic: any network, any device, ready for mobile or fixed-line broadband connections.

Automatic KPIs, traces and root cause analysis without post treatment.

Seamlessly integration with existing infrastructure for fast ROI.

Fully automated, ready for massive deployment such as regulation or crowdsourcing.

V3D enables mobile operators, enterprises and MVNOs to monitor the real network Quality of Experience straight from the subscriber’s perspective by taking actions to quickly identify and resolve individual customer pains by correlating in real-time with device, network and service reachability.

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