V3D, specialized in mobile and fixed network technologies
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Our Mission


Expert on Telecom Data Analytics

V3D is 100% owned by SoftAtHome, a software company for the digital home, providing software products for connectivity, pay TV, Home Networking and the Smart Home deployed with major operators in over 20 million homes in more than 18 countries.


By collecting millions of data analytics, V3D helps carriers network operators to better understand their customers by providing valuable information about Customer Experience and thus to optimize satisfaction of their end-user’s.


Specialized in mobile and fixed network technologies, V3D product portfolio focuses on customer experience and carrier network service performance:

The EQual One solution enables MNOs to perceive the network service quality the way subscribers do when browsing the web, using an application or watching a video. Compared to traditional network Quality of Service (QoS) systems (probes and other network-centric metrics), collecting data directly from the subscriber’s device allows MNO’s to change their perspective from a network-centric view to a subscriber-centric view because performance KPIs collected on their smartphones reflect the real-life experience of their customers. These KPI’s give a 360° view of the carrier’s QoE and strongly contribute to monitor the network performance and the customer experience.


The mScore solution, a smart test server, provides real-time TCP/IP analysis during testing. mScore breaks down legacy barriers to QoS testing: available for both mobile and fixed-line broadband connection, from any mobile phone, web browser, set-top box or IoT equipment. mScore integrates seamlessly with existing test infrastructure for fast ROI, and its technology is easily scalable for large deployments such as crowdsourcing campaigns or regulatory tests.


mScore combined with EQual One mobile agents offers extended root cause analysis, linked to radio conditions: interference, coverage, resources. By combining EQual One monitoring agents with the powerful investigation capabilities of mScore, you will benefit from an end-to-end investigation solution!


Thanks to SoftAtHome and V3D expertise, skills and solutions, Carrier Network Operators will benefit from end-to-end access to the entire Customer Experience value chain, combining mobile, fixed and Wi-Fi expertise

Both companies’ portfolio will allow to provide the best-in-class Data Analytics and monitoring tools that will help operators deliver an unmatched Quality of Experience for their customers.


Dedicated editor on Mobile Experience concentrating its know-how on the combination of the device analytics and their operating systems (OS) and network analytics expertise

The heart of V3D’s solution allows MNOs to measure true network Quality of Experience (QoE) of their mobile subscribers over the entire CEM value chain.


Strong telecom expertise and experience within the core network area

V3D staff is composed of experienced telecommunications, IT professionals and Android/iOS experts. But successful carrier network optimisation is more than just technology and technical expertise. V3D’s culture in identifying the inter-dependability of the various applications in any IT/Telecom environment is a key success factor for our customers.


Full range of QoS/QoE customer-centric software solution

Quality of Service for the carriers’ network industry differs for every type of businesses and customers. Throughout its innovative platform, services, and partnerships, V3D is focused on the customer experience.