Crowd sourced your coverage map thanks to V3D solutions
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Crowdsource your coverage map

Do you feel that your predictive coverage maps do not fully illustrate your subscribers coverage experience?

Are you looking to enrich your theoretical coverage map with subscribers experience data?

Theoretical mobile coverage maps turn out to be imperfect tools, as these predictive maps are actually based on estimations. In many cases, the actual coverage is not in line with these traditionally built maps, as many factors influence the coverage customers experience.

For some time now, new technologies have been available to create more precise coverage maps: mobile applications (also called mobile agents) can collect the information directly from subscriber devices and depict exactly and in real-time the experienced coverage. Nowadays, many mobile operators consider enriching their traditional coverage maps with crowdsourced data.

Measurements are crowdsourced, meaning that MNO customers are collecting coverage data with their devices and sharing this information with their network operator.

For strategical reasons, owning a crowd-sourcing platform is becoming ever more popular as MNOs have full control over the end-to-end process:

  • Which KPIs are collected,
  • How to manage privacy concerns,
  • Incentives to subscribers in exchange for the data,
  • Real-time availability and confidentiality of the measurements (all collected data remain in-house).

As a standalone tool or as a complement to other systems like CRM platforms where device based measurements have values, EQual One provides a complete toolset to collect and analyse measurements in real-time, drilldown through the data on powerful maps and reports.

Recently, a major operator in the Philippines announced they started testing an approach to verify the coverage map of their customers.

While this operator in Philippines plans to use the collected data only internally to support network expansion decisions and prioritise areas of network improvements. Some other MNOs make these crowd sourced coverage maps available to everyone on their websites, so that current and future customers can check for the mobile coverage in their areas of interest.

Crowd source map of Philippines by EQual One


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