EQual One Packet Loss Test to make smarter speed tests !
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Make smarter speed tests !

Have a look on the latest EQual One add-on: Packet Loss Test.

It provides you with many more KPI’s that you cannot get from a standard speed test: packet loss percentage, maximum throughput, latency, jitter, and a lot more…

In a world of « always-connectedness », we all know the necessity for mobile users to regularly test their connection performance. Either to taunt your friends with the insane speed you get at home, or to challenge your operator for the bad service they provide. Speed tests are the final tool when it comes to assess raw network quality.

Unfortunately, they come with some caveats: do a test on a nearby server, and sure, you get a decent speed, but that won’t help you when you want to stream surf videos from that Australian website. And if you try to do a 10 seconds test in 4G, there go 150MB off of your 2GB data plan!

But thanks to EQual One’s latest add-on, Packet Loss Test, your speed tests just got a whole lot smarter! Standard speed tests simply download a file of a given size for a given time, and you get your optimum throughput. Packet Loss Test is a much smarter solution. It can easily replace your test file servers and provide a single entry point for all your speed tests, no matter the type of device or network technology: Android, iOS, 2G/3G/4G or Wi-Fi, Packet Loss Test can do it all!

Not only can it analyse the transfer down to the TCP/IP layer, but it also provides you with many more KPI’s. KPI's that you cannot get from a standard speed test: packet loss percentage, maximum throughput, latency, jitter… And all of that with a single « 5MB or 5 seconds » test!

That’s right: it only takes Packet Loss Test 5 seconds or 5 MB of data to complete its analysis of your current connection.

And because it is seamlessly integrated to the EQual One server and agents, it makes for a nice addition to your standard network testing tools.

Contact us today at contact@v3d.fr for more information or a demo!