RAN (Radio Access Network) Sharing
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RAN Sharing

Just as we are getting used to 4G, manufacturers are already raging about 5G. So, in order to keep up with the rapid market evolution, mobile operators have to come up with rational decisions. And since the ARPU is not growing at the same speed as the traffic, new sources of revenues and new cost reductions are imperative.

The RAN (Radio Access Network) sharing is a rational approach that can help to reduce the costs, to maximise efficiency and competitiveness, and to enhance customer satisfaction. It is introduced as a cost-effective solution to expand an operator coverage and increase its capacity. It involves active the sharing of RAN resources between two or more operators as a means of mutually offering access to each other’s resources.

EQual One is a preferred tool for operators in this case.

EQual One allows on-the-spot testing with real time access to network metrics and test results, enabling immediate analysis of the performance level of your shared network resources.

You can benefit of continuous, real time and geolocated measurements straight from commercial devices, including indoor/outdoor detection.

For example, with 200 000 mobile agents, you can get more than 12 million KPI’s per day and thus guarantee an optimum level of SLA for your customers.

This inter-operator arrangement brings a lot of benefits as:

  • Smart CAPEX investments,
  • New revenue achievements,
  • Energy consumption reduction.


Check out our use case on Network SLA for more details.