mScore Solution - The next generation of VoLTE testing
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mScore – the next generation of VoLTE testing

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) has been a long time coming...

But it is finally here and more and more operators are launching commercial offers for this technology. In the meantime, the number of devices supporting VoLTE is growing every day. So, it is getting more and more likely that the next phone calls will indeed be made over an IP network.

As a reminder: VoLTE consists in using the IP Multimedia Subsystem network to make voice calls between compatible handsets. While this sounds great in terms of convergence of all services to IP networks, we all know the challenges associated to making voice calls over IP networks: packet losses, latency or jitter deliveries can occur and they do not play well with a good Quality of Experience for the voice service. This can result in degradation of service and customer frustration. To avoid these issues, the network needs to be tried and tested continuously to detect areas of weaknesses or no service.

But how do you go about testing efficiently VoLTE service?

This is where mScore comes into play ! mScore is an advanced combine QoE prediction tool that can simulate specific TCP/IP flows simulating different services: VoLTE (voice over LTE), VoWiFi, ViLTE (video over LTE), DASH video streaming (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming Over HTTP), etc…

As such, it can simulate a VoLTE session with a compatible EQual One agent, and analyse in real time the quality of the connection. Based on the KPI’s captured during the session, it is able to give a score between 1 and 4.4 for the quality of the VoLTE call. Passed on to the EQual One portal enriched with the standard agent KPI’s (device, radio information, location…), this allows us to create various reports such as VoLTE score per cities or scoring maps for the VoLTE service.

And because this is available in the EQual One agent, these tests can be done manually by end users at specific locations, or automatically in background thanks to the EQual One reporting capabilities and NBI features !