Improve the mobile QoE of your Business Customers
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Improve the mobile QoE of your Business Customers

Business customer’s department face new challenges related to mobile services: select performant devices for their fleet, as well as guarantee a remote access to critical business apps anytime and anywhere for their users. Let us share with you our return of experience in that area with 3 examples of how mobile operators are using EQual One with their Business customers:


A leading mobile operator in Europe offers innovative customer acquisition approach by allowing its new business customers to test the quality of their mobile network. The App monitors the mobile service experience of corporate customers, such as coverage and out-of-coverage areas, unsuccessful voice calls, data service availability and throughput. The corporate fleet manager or IT manager can access a dashboard that consolidates the network experience KPIs of all the monitored users. Then, business customers are free to evaluate, be accompanied and even change their minds without penalties in the first 6 months of their contract if they are not satisfied with the quality of the mobile network.

The MNO enhances the perception of their network and optimizes the mobile experience of their business branch thanks to objective performance measurement data that it can share seamlessly with its business customers.

You can either create your own standalone App or be part of a digital solution strategy offered to your business accounts for fast rollout. The EQual One SDK lets you tailor the application to your needs.


To ensure smooth operations and keep complaints to a minimum level, it is key to install IoT & M2M devices in places with sufficient coverage.  It is not easy to identify such locations without investing in costly drive tests. That’s why we have seen mobile operators developing mobile apps to check coverage on top of the EQual One SDK.

For example, Orange Poland has created its own network performance testing application with the EQual One SDK for a major Polish electricity company. To optimize the M2M meter installation process and to avoid potential customer complaints regarding grid coverage and connection, the App helps to identify the best location for these meters inside buildings. This app is a reliable and user-friendly tool for their field engineers to determine where these data transmission devices should be installed using a rating from 1 to 5 to identify the best locations.

This dedicated business App has led to a significant decrease in complaints regarding network coverage and connections related to electricity metering. Avoiding problems during the installation phase is one of the most cost-effective ways to optimize the user experience, without any changes or network investments.



Two major European operators have just developed an app for their corporate sales teams that allows VIP fleet managers to test the performance of their own network in key strategic business locations (head office, warehouse, offices Stores, etc.), thus improving the pre-sales work of their business teams and ensuring an optimal network performance service to their very large account VIP customers.

The operators developed their own monitoring App using the EQual One SDK. The application provides meaningful reports directly on the employee device to let them self-assess network accessibility and performance directly within their customer premises, and report issues if necessary directly to their network department.

Business departments can take huge advantage by using such technology to offer new services, enhance their lead qualification and offer process as well as convince new or lost business customers to go on board.

Improving the satisfaction of your business customers must be a priority, therefore, let them test your network and access QoE before comminting, find opportunities for VIP customers upsell…

… Use EQual One as your subscriber hotspots to optimize your business customers mobile experience:

  • Have an overview of all open issues thanks to dedicated dashboards,
  • Be able to easily diagnose issues like coverage topics, voice calls accessibility, data performance or application usage in real-time.

Thanks to mobile agents, convert QoS demonstration constraints to your business clients in opportunity of differentiation and enhancement of your services and network.

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