Orange selects V3D to optimize their network coverage
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Market leader Orange picks out V3D technology to optimize Customer Experience on “Mon Réseau” App

Orange, the leading French group operator with more than 269 million subscribers in the world, has implemented EQual One solution from V3D. This solution provides their customers an unmatched Quality of Customer Experience for network coverage, on a daily basis and wherever they might be – even indoor or in a private location.

EQual One allows precise, reliable performance measurements directly from the devices, reflecting real-time customers’ perceptions of the network and its services.

V3D provided their technical expertise to evaluate network coverage and performance within Orange App “Mon Réseau”, once users have authorized data usage for this purpose. This application is a tool for Orange customers to get the best of Orange networks.

EQual One collects in real-time QoE (Quality of Experience) data, gains a better understanding of subscribers’ problems and expectations, hence improving operating time and costs saving compared to more traditional tests solutions.

We were very enthusiastic that Orange is using our solution both to reinvent his customer experience of network coverage and to deploy V3D technology to a large number of active Orange subscribers. This proves that EQual One software solution is complementary to the tools already in place and also suitable for the performance measurement and optimisation requirements of a top-tier player like Orange, comments Philippe Vial-Grelier, Chief Executive Officer of V3D.



Specialized in mobile technologies, V3D Solutions enable Mobile Operators to monitor true network Quality of Experience (QoE) straight from the subscribers’ perspective. This complementary approach to traditional measurement methods of network performance offers technical and business benefits to various departments of an operator, from CEM & Marketing to Network Operations or Customer Care.

V3D portfolio focuses on customer experience and mobile network service performance. EQual One solution is based on a combination of Device Quality Agents (DQA) deployed on commercial devices and a powerful server interacting over-the-air with the DQAs and potentially integrated with existing systems. V3D headquarter is based in Lyon, France.

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