How do you ensure the best network performance in your country ?
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As Telecom Regulators, how do you ensure the best network performance in your country ?

How to bring the highest value in a cost-effective way ?

Today’s telecom environment is more diverse than ever: multiple mobile network operators (MNOs) are offering various services to address disparate consumer’s expectations. The ever-growing demand for continuous coverage and higher service standard moved the focus from network level to end-customer-level, making Quality of Experience (QoE) a major factor to monitor for regulators.

QoE/QoS being in constant evolution, mostly depending on the location, the time of the day and the usage of the network,

The challenge resides in collecting enough KPIs in order to assess, compare and challenge the services delivered by Mobile Network Operators.

A disruptive solution consists of a mobile app (standalone or embedded via SDK) that tests actively and/or passively the network and collects GPS localized KPIs directly through smartphones or tablets. Performed simultaneously on various smartphones or on a single multi-SIM device, this method grants effortless MNO assessment and benchmarking with a fast and smooth deployment where the service is delivered.

We at V3D believe this approach brings the highest value to telecom regulators in a cost-effective way: full and remote solution control, flexibility regarding the deployment, collection strategy and reporting method (reports, raw data, test traces…).

V3D 10-year expertise on network QoS/QoE KPI collection from end-user devices has been trusted and deployed by more than 25 telecom regulators and MNOs across the globe.

Do not hesitate to try freely our EQual One mobile app, available on Android and iOS directly from the app stores:

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