V3D announce a new release of its flagship product EQual One

V3D announce a new release of its flagship product EQual One

As usual, this release intends to fit in with the business demands as well as to follow the new mobile OS versions which are key events for our EQual One product.

Android Pie (9.0) and iOS 12 have just been released and they are supported in the last EQual One version. In addition, this particular release is the first one fully 5G ready! While the devices and networks are still eagerly awaited.

EQual One is ready to support the next generation of mobile networks !

With this new release, some new KPIs have been introduced in our Android agents for cellular networks:

  • Timing Advance, to estimate the distance of the mobile to a cell
  • LTE frequency band and bandwidth, to correlate with data performance


New KPIs have also been introduced for WIFI networks, such as:

  • WIFI Frequency, bandwidth and channel
  • Is device 5GHz capable
  • Is access point 5GHz capable
  • Distance to router
  • Number of concurrent access points, signal levels, best channel, and more
With these new metrics, EQual One aims at performing diagnostics on the WIFI performance and subsequently, the root cause of degradation.


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