V3D announces a major new release of EQual One, its flagship solution
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V3D announces major new release of EQual One

V3D, the standalone software editor, pioneer of quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) measurements for mobile networks, has launched a major new release: EQual One, its flagship solution that brings added value to end-users with new QoE use cases.

EQual One by V3D is a dynamic and real-time configurable solution: installed on commercial phones and controlled Over-The-Air (OTA), it allows a massive deployment of agents gathering large amounts of data. It supports the main smartphone operating systems, Android and iOS.

In a world where we are always connected, we all know that mobile users need to regularly test their connection performance and that mobile network specialists need to check live radio conditions. In the new EQual One mobile app, a field test mode is available displaying real-time radio, SIM, Wi-Fi and location information directly available to the device owner.

On the portal side, a new design brings unity to all modules to improve customer accessibility. It also boasts a clearer and more user-friendly interface, together with powerful new reporting capabilities.

Along with this release, EQual One 4.0 integrates with mScore new features related to TCP/IP QoS analysis. You can benefit from real-time measurements and diagnostics thanks to the addition of new indicators such as Packet Loss, Jitter, Congestion or Root cause analysis.

Since its deployment, V3D has successfully distributed its EQual One agent to nearly 3 million end-users worldwide with more than 100 million measurements a day, as part of mobile operators’ apps integrating our SDK.


Specialized in mobile technologies, V3D Solutions enable Mobile Operators to monitor true network Quality of Experience (QoE) straight from the subscribers’ perspective. This complementary approach to traditional measurement methods of network performance offers technical and business benefits to various departments of an operator, from CEM & Marketing to Network Operations or Customer Care.

V3D portfolio focuses on customer experience and mobile network service performance. EQual One solution is based on a combination of Device Quality Agents (DQA) deployed on commercial devices and a powerful server interacting over-the-air with the DQAs and potentially integrated with existing systems. V3D headquarter is based in Lyon, France.

Media contact:

Hélène VALLEE – hvallee@v3d.fr – + 33 481 761 370